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Speedy Progress on Central Subway

The pace of work picks up on the Central Subway project after the holiday moratorium!

All four stations are in full swing with the Union Square/Market Street (UMS) station leading the pack. The last of the Cast-in-Drilled-Hole (CIDH) piles were completed mid-March at 4th at Brannan Street, while Jet Grouting and Anchor Tie-Back work is just starting up at UMS.

The first major concrete roof deck pour successfully took place late February at the Yerba Buena/Moscone (YBM) station and rebar/formwork is being installed for the first roof deck pour at the Chinatown Station (CTS) later in March.

QEI is continuing to support these operations through the implementation of our three-phase inspection program under the watchful eyes of our on-site inspection and testing staff.

To see more pictures and find more information about the project, visit the project page here.

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