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San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge

 West Approach

Project Quality Control for Contractor

  • Remove and replace one mile stretch of Interstate 80 through downtown San Francisco leading to Bay Bridge

  • Upper and lower deck configuration with independent column and foundation support system

  • Construction took place without interrupting weekday commuter traffic - 280,000 vehicles per day

  • Completed in 2009

  • $429 million

Seismic safety retrofit work on the West Approach — bordered by 5th Street and the Anchorage at Beale Street — involved completely removing and replacing this one-mile stretch of Interstate 80 and six on- and off-ramps in its original footprint. This work occurred while more than 280,000 vehicles flowed daily in the midst of this essential construction.

The West Approach originally had one foundation system supporting both an upper and lower deck configuration from 3rd Street to Beale Street. Each deck now has its own independent column and foundation support system, a crucial aspect of making the West Approach seismically sound. The roadways between 3rd and 5th Streets are parallel concrete decks that transition into the double-deck configuration as drivers approach the West Span of the Bay Bridge.

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