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San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge

Self Anchoring Suspension Bridge

Quality Control Field Engineering for Caltrans

  • Asymmetrical single tower

  • One continuous main cable

  • Two bridge decks super-elevated and curved

  • Largest span of its kind in the world

  • Length: 2,047 feet; Height of tower: 525 feet

  • Estimated construction $1.41 billion

The vision of the world’s largest Self-Anchored Suspension Span (SAS) is a reality.  Weight of the 35,200-ton decks are supported by the tower, main cable and suspender ropes.  The single 1-mile-long main cable, made up of 17,399 steel wire strands, is the longest single looped suspension bridge cable in the world.  The SAS, at 2,047 feet, is the world’s longest SAS and the signature element of the new East Span.

The bridge’s single 525-foot-tall tower echoes the height of the West Span’s towers. The tower’s placement closer to the west end of the SAS creates a distinctive asymmetrical design; the single mile-long main cable will present a sharper angle on the west side but a more sloping appearance on the east.

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